Gospel Privilege

Glenn Bleakney

In this upside-down world, when the have and have-nots are at war; when the privileged and underprivileged contend for resources, man fails to look at what’s truly important: eternity. In America, the fight for equal rights, better treatment under the law, social justice, and income inequality permeate our dialogues. Now more than ever, people are vying for power and influence. Yet too few in this country actually consider the greatest power of all, known to millions of believers worldwide as the kingdom of God.

In America, you will find the gospel message of Jesus Christ on every corner. But in other parts of the world, the kingdom message is like a river in the desert. Too few have the privilege to access this grace because those possessing this abundance refuse to fulfill the Great Commission by giving it away.

In Gospel Privilege, author David Joannes testifies, “Gospel privilege is the soul-saving, culture-shaping, world-changing message that’s come into the world through the Person of Jesus. It is an unearned spiritual advantage with eternal consequences meant for every human being.” Gospel Privilege provides the keys you need to unlock your full potential as an effective witness of this kingdom power. This resource will inspire change in you as you read testimony after testimony of people who use their gospel privilege to bring the kingdom message worldwide.

How will you use your privilege in this hour?

Learn more about David Joannes at https://davidjoannes.com


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