Making A Lasting Impact with Tony and Mary Miller

Wez Hone

Welcome to the second episode of 'Meet the Marketplace'! Today we have a chat with Tony and Mary Miller who are the owners of Jancoa, one of America's biggest janitor services!

Jancoa was founded in 1972 by Tony Miller. As a 19-year-old student at the University of Cincinnati he started the business cleaning local taverns after one of his professors commented on the growing “services” sector, including janitorial services. Jancoa remains the recognized leader in the commercial cleaning industry. Continuous growth and success attributed to efficient processes and a focus on providing value for customers, business partners, and team members.

Mary Miller says, “We’re disguised as janitors, but it’s really about helping people be their best.” An energetic and enthusiastic business leader, Mary Miller is known for her positivity and desire to help others realize their uniqueness and personal power.

Get ready for a great episode!