Restoring the Glory

Glenn Bleakney

In this message, Glenn Bleakney shares how God longs to dwell intimately among his people. References are made to Exodus 25 where God instructed Moses to build a sanctuary according to precise specifications, a foreshadowing of Christ coming to dwell within believers. The speaker discusses how Jesus prayed that believers may be one with the Father, as he is one with the Father, highlighting God's desire for deep relationship and oneness with his children. 

Attention is brought to how Jesus focused on raising up disciples who would walk in power and signs following, unlike many churches today that prioritize numbers and buildings over cultivating intimate dependence on the Holy Spirit. The preacher encourages embracing consecration to become fitting vessels for the glory of God to flow through. Stories are shared demonstrating how lives are transformed when people encounter the manifest power of God through miracle working ministries. 

A compelling call goes out to hunger more for God's abiding presence than any human methodology. The message issues a summons to surrender fully to the guiding of the Holy Spirit and pursue releasing resurrection power that raises the dead. With fresh anointing imparted, listeners are stirred to carry God's brilliant radiance that heals communities and advances Christ's kingdom.

This is an inspiring message for those desiring to experience and demonstrate the surpassing greatness of God's splendor.