Should We Listen to Prophets Today?

Roma Waterman

Should we listen to prophets today? Do prophets exist today? Is it Biblical?

Discover the nuanced perspectives on modern-day prophecy with our latest video: "Understanding Prophecy: Should We Listen to Prophets Today?"

In a world filled with diverse opinions, there can be a bit of confusion around this topic.

Roma addresses the pressing question: "Should we listen to prophets today?" with a thought-provoking discussion. By exploring what the Bible says about the role of a prophet in a New Testament paradigm, this video aims to dispel around this topic.

Whether you're navigating personal faith or seeking spiritual direction, our discussion will provide valuable insights into the relevance of prophets in our times.

In this video, we tackle key topics, including:

• The role of prophets in the modern world;

• Biblical guidance on prophecy and spiritual discernment;

• Practical advice for hearing the Lord's voice in your life.

For those seeking to deepen their spiritual walk and hear God's voice more clearly, we pray this video will be helpful to you. We encourage you to engage with the content, reflect on the scriptures, and apply the insights to your own journey of faith.

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We pray you will feel empowered to move forward with confidence in hearing the Lord's voice this year.