Birthing, Building, and Sustaining Revival

Pastor Kim Owens shares her experience of sustaining revival for over 7 years at Fresh Start Church in Phoenix, Arizona. She discusses the key principles of birthing, building, and maintaining a spirit of revival through relentless prayer and pursuing the presence of God. 

Some highlights include:

- How they cleared their calendars to make prayer the #1 priority 

- Developing a culture of worship, intercession, and being a "house of prayer" 

- Seeing breakthrough for their youth and young adults through contending in prayer 

- Learning to turn "visitations" of God into a "habitation" of his glory

- Strategies for cultivating hunger, breaking off complacency, and fanning the flames of revival

- Pastor Kim's powerful message of standing watch at the "gates of heaven" as modern-day "doorkeepers of revival"

If you're wanting to see revival come to your church, city or region, this interview packed with revelatory insight is a must watch! 

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