5 Altars of Prayer That Move Heaven and Earth

Glenn Bleakney

Glenn Bleakney sits down with Rick Dubose, the Assistant General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God to discuss his book, "In Jesus' Name: 5 Altars of Prayer That Move Heaven and Earth."

While many books have been written on prayer, Assemblies of God leader Rick DuBose’s new book draws from the witness of Scripture and personal encounters to impart a new perspective on prayer that radically transforms how leaders will teach prayer and how believers will understand it.

Rick opens In Jesus’ Name: 5 Altars of Prayer That Move

Heaven and Earth, with the words, “If we really understood the effect that prayer has on the world and our lives, the Church would become a place of continuous prayer.”

Pastor Rick examines five postures, or altars, of prayer that will unlock your spiritual authority and turn the tide in the Church’s battle against the enemy. Each of the prayer altars addresses a different facet of sacred space where we connect with God for spiritual transformation.

In Jesus’ Name, encourages those who feel their praye