Investing in Wealth and Purpose - Keys to Financial Mastery

Wai-yee Schmidt

This comprehensive presentation by Wai-yee Schmidt covers a wide range of financial principles and strategies for achieving wealth and fulfilling God's purpose. The speaker shares personal testimonies, biblical insights, and practical tips on topics such as:

- Understanding money's role and avoiding the trap of "mammon"

- Adopting a mindset of intentional, strategic giving (sowing) 

- Leveraging investments, real estate, and passive income streams

- Developing financial literacy and discipline

- Embracing the Abrahamic covenant and blessing the Jewish community

- Aligning wealth-building with God's higher calling and kingdom purposes

Wai-yee shares powerful principles to empower you to become wise stewards of the resources of the Kingdom of God and to unlock supernatural provision, and use finance to advance the Lord's will. This message provides a transformative framework for achieving both financial abundance and spiritual fruitfulness.