Empowered Kings and Priests: Activating Your Dual Identity for Kingdom Impact

Wai-yee Schmidt

In this thought-provoking presentation, Wai-yee Schmidt delves into the biblical concept of believers being both kings and priests. They explore how embracing this dual identity can unlock new levels of influence, strategy, and victory in fulfilling God's mandate.

The speaker provides a compelling case for leaders and believers to function simultaneously as kings and priests - ruling and reigning, while also interceding and ministering to those under their care. Drawing insights from biblical figures like Hezekiah, David, and Jesus, the speaker challenges the audience to step into this powerful paradigm shift.

Key themes include:

- Recognizing the biblical foundation for believers as kings and priests

- Developing a strategic, forceful, and winning mindset as kings

- Learning to intercede and minister as priests for those you lead

- Practical testimonies of applying these principles for breakthrough

- Embracing a mandate to recover lost ground and expand God's kingdom

This presentation offers a transformative vision for Christians to integrate their royal and priestly callings, empowering them to make greater kingdom impact in every sphere of influence.