Update from Wai-yee

Wai-yee Schmidt

0:14: 👋 Introduction of Pastor Vincent from Connecticut to Kings and Wealth Ministry leadership team.

4:41: 💫 Identity in God: Chosen, Precious, Provided For. Eternal life in knowing Jesus Christ.

8:06: 💬 Empowerment through spoken words, embracing one's calling as a king, and choosing to speak life over oneself.

11:50: 💫 Connection between believers and Jesus Christ through spiritual DNA, resulting in shared origin and growth.

16:21: ⚖️ Importance of finding true identity and wholeness in God, not in earthly things or relationships.

19:43: ⚔️ Encouragement to embrace one's calling as a king and fulfill a divine mandate with love and support.

23:26: 🌟 Empowering conference with business teachings, wealth building, and spiritual lessons in a charged atmosphere.